Friday, May 27, 2011

Day 17

It has been a rough and trying week. Becca is trying my patience to the point of no end. We got her graduation pictures this week and when I opened them I cried, I cried for my baby is growing up and I cried that her daddy is missing these things. Yesterday (Thursday) was the last MOPS of the year and that was sad in its self I love those ladies and they help me survive. I gave my testimony yesterday there and cried through the entire thing. It is hard getting up in front of people opening up as though you are unclothed in front of them and bearing your soul to them. I just hope that something I said will bring honor and glory to my Lord. Chris has not e-mailed or called for 3 days so I didn't know what was going on. I had still been e-mailing him. I woke up this morning sick, I noticed on Thursday night my lymph nodes where swollen and my throat was a little scratchy. When the scratchy did not go away by lunch time I called and got an appt I did not want to go this 3 day weekend and be sick. I had to go pick Becca up early to make it to my appt. I got there and the doctor said that my tonsils look "yucky" so antibiotic for 10 days (yay me). I am really missing Chris I wish that he was here sitting on the couch letting me lay my head on his lap, trying to make me feel better. My neck is still swollen and it hurts to even touch the pillow. Chris finally got to call at around 7pm tonight he told me I sounded down and told me to talk to him. I said what do you want me to say. . . I miss you, I feel bad, and I am tired. (I have still not been sleeping.) He told me to feel better and try not to get down. . . we shall see. . .

This coming Thursday I am meeting up with Wives of Faith ladies up in this area at a local coffee shop (I hope Chloe behaves) I think that this will also help me with another outlet and women who are or have gone through this. The Wives of Faith ladies are starting a bible study on June 6th called Tour of Duty and I am looking forward to starting it.

I found out Tuesday that I pretty much have a a job for the month of July doing clinicals for the CNA classes in Wilkes. (this will help pay for Becca's school since it is $100 more a month than last year) SO I will be going to NC on July 2nd til August 1st then back up here so I can take Chloe to her eye appt. on August 2nd. Busy Busy Busy. . . I am praying that it makes the time go faster.

As I was getting the girls ready for bed I noticed Chloe's left eye is draining and was slightly matted together so if it is still like that in the morning we will be going to urgent care to see what is going on.

OK so it is 11:34 and I am wide awake I will close with this verse as I hope that I will do as it says:

In peace I will lie down and sleep, for you alone, LORD, make me dwell in safety. Psalm 4:8

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